utorak, 27. prosinca 2011.

DIY the sweetest and softest earrings ever tutorial

Hi guys!
Merry Christmas everyone
! (with some delay) Sorry I didn't had time to write a post before, but now I will repay you with an interesting tutorial
If you want to learn how to make the sweetest and softest earrings ever you're in the right place!
You will need some fabric...
..thin cardboard and sponge, and the idea!

First part of the board (kind of earrings you want to be) cut four times, for each earring two.Leave one piece whole, and cut the other in desired pieces as well as a sponge.
Select the fabric you want for your earrings and cut for each piece separately.
Sift the needle and thread along the edge and "dress" sponge and cardboard as shown in picture.
..make the same thing with all the pieces..
..and paste them onto the main surface..

..put the earring and one is over! Do the same thing with the other.
If you want something simpler here's another idea..

Let your imagination run wild and create your own soft and cute earrings! :)


subota, 10. prosinca 2011.

Hi guys :)
Sorry for not writing so often, but soon I will have a lot of time and a lot of tutorials :D So for now I'll put some pictures of things I did recently..

I'd like you to tell me what tutorials you want. I'm waiting for your ideas :)