četvrtak, 29. rujna 2011.

DIY zip me necklace tutorial

Zipper jewelry has been popular for a while now, you can see it in all sorts of versions and ideas so here's one from me :)

Take a zipper and split it, then glue it as shown in picture. Do the same thing with other side too.
When you're done glue them together..
Put it on a strip or whatever you want and your necklace is finished :)

Necklace itself is simple yet striking, but you can decorate it with beads or flowers according to your wishes :)


subota, 24. rujna 2011.

flowers tutorial

You can never have too many flowers, so here are some new tutorials :D

Cut one long strip..

..fold it, sew in the form of a triangle as shown, when you're done pull the thread and wrinkle it....Cut the leather or felt in a circle and glue it:
And that's it. You can use it as a ring, brooch, decoration on headband..

Again, cut one long strip :D
Sew it in the middle, pull the thread and wrinkle..
Fold it and glue on leather or felt..
And that's it :D

Take a strip..
..and sew it like this:
..and keep it up for about 2 meters. When you're done you should have this:
..glue it on leather or felt and that's it :)


nedjelja, 18. rujna 2011.

diy lace scarf tutorial

I love lace, but not when there is too much. I have an idea for a scarf in my head for a while, so I decided to do it today. With a little lace :D
So here is tutorial :)
Cut three long strips from a fabric the same length but different widths:

Sew it together :
And then you'll have this :

Pull out one thread and wrinkle fabric....like this:
Fold it and sew and wrinkle in the end..
Now you have this:
Turn it right side up and sew the ends..
And it's done :D

few people have complained that they could not comment on the posts. so just to inform you that the problem is solved :D


nedjelja, 11. rujna 2011.

headbands, headbands and more headbands!

Today is the day for the headbands. They are visible and useful, yet beautiful. And most importantly very easy to do :)
Next tutorial will be on saturday :)


subota, 10. rujna 2011.

diy tank top makeover tutorial

If you have an old tank top in a closet and don't know what with him here are solutions :)

Cut five or more (less) strips of some fabric from the largest to the smallest:
Draw on the shirt where will you put them, pin them and sew.
When you are done cut the ends as shown..
..and it's done :D