nedjelja, 1. travnja 2012.

Can't decide!

Hi people!
How are you? Enjoying the sun or are you preoccupied with other things? I'm finally on spring break, although I think I'm not going to rest a lot.
So, I have one small problem, and I was hoping that you will help me. I have a prom night in may and I still haven't decided which dress will I wear.
I can't decide between these two, so please tell me your opinion.
This is the first one:
It would be like this, only in blue, shorter(knee-high) and not so wide.

This is the second one.
But to be completely tight to the waist and continues to spread in lace and flowers, as shown in the second picture. Colors would be similar to these.

What do you think, which one is better?


subota, 24. ožujka 2012.

spring is back!

I just loove the sun, long walks, floral dresses and enjoying with my friends! How about you? I hope you are enjoying these beautiful and sunny days!


četvrtak, 22. ožujka 2012.

fashion competition.

Hello guys!
We had a little fashion competition these days, and of course we won :D We worked on the dresses and corsets 6 months and the effort paid off. We are going to state competition in the fifth month in Umag. Even if we don't win it doesn't matter, it will be another beautiful memory.
Dresses were made by gauze, wool and other materials that we managed to get. Hope you like them :)

After the competition, we are setting out to celebrate! :)


nedjelja, 18. ožujka 2012.

Save your rings!

Hello guys!
I'm lazy, I know. But this year, I'm finishing high school and trying to focus all the free time on it, in preparation for graduation and works for the entrance exam for the fax.
I am currently working on this tapestry, which is also my final work.I hope that everything goes great, and that I'll enter the fax I want, Academy of Fine Arts, the direction of professor of art history and art.

Tody, in sign of apology, I will give you one small tip for your rings, and new tutorial will be as soon as I find some time.
I ordered these two adorable ring from eBay, and I love them..
..but after a while they started getting those ugly reddish color like all other cheap jewelery:
Do you have that problem to? Well, if you do, here is solution.
Transparent nail polish!
Paint them, wait a few minutes to dry and enjoy your rings!