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diy cute broaches tutorial

If you are with classic jewerly here are some new ideas :)
Take the wood glue..
..and dilute it with water so that it is in liquid form.
Draw the desired shape on the fabric (or paper)..
..cut it out..
..and soak into the glue..
..remove it out and leave to dry.When it's dry it should be harder than the initial state, and easier to shape it.
Then you can do whatever you wanr with them. From decorating your house and clothes to jewelry etc.
I made ​​cute broaches :)xoxo,

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Gear kaže...

kreativno i zanimljivo! <3

Sanjushka kaže...

ej, ovo je super, vrlo zanimljivo!

Tatjana kaže...

Ovo mi se jako sviđa!Može se iskoristiti za puuuno toga!

Rea kaže...

Slatko i romantično.

Susanne kaže...

They look wery nice :)
Thanks for sharing.
Wish you a good day!

Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust kaže...

Wow, I didn't know! These look really great. Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday!

Warmly, Michelle

A... nakit kaže...

super su, kako je je Rea slatko i romantično!!!

Suzana kaže...

Čeka te nagrada na mom blogu

fairy_ana kaže...


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