ponedjeljak, 31. listopada 2011.

diy cute broaches tutorial

If you are with classic jewerly here are some new ideas :)
Take the wood glue..
..and dilute it with water so that it is in liquid form.
Draw the desired shape on the fabric (or paper)..
..cut it out..
..and soak into the glue..
..remove it out and leave to dry.When it's dry it should be harder than the initial state, and easier to shape it.
Then you can do whatever you wanr with them. From decorating your house and clothes to jewelry etc.
I made ​​cute broaches :)xoxo,

subota, 22. listopada 2011.

diy combs tutorial

I saw this idea with the thread and combs on the Internet, and I really liked it so I decided to do it myself, and of course, I added some of my ideas :)
It looks so cute. I love them!


nedjelja, 16. listopada 2011.

Lately I really don't have time to write tutorials, which is why I am very sorry because I like to do it . But I managed to do some new things, so I'll share them with you :)

Hope you like it :)


subota, 8. listopada 2011.

diy weaving tutorial

Each fabric is formed by weaving, by hand or mechanically, on weaving loom.
Although it seems like a difficult process, it is not. The preparation for weaving is heavier and longer than weaving. Once you begin to weave the sky is the limit.
Today I will show you the principle of weaving on a frame. Tapestries are weaved is in this way.
I don't have the frame at home and I assume neither do you :D so we can make it ourself like this :
Take the cardboard and cut short cutouts at the same distances as in picture:Take the material with which you'll work (wool, cotton,...) and put it in a cutout. Paste it on the back of carton.Run the material through the cutouts until you get this:
These lines are called the basics.
Then take another piece of cardboard and cut it as shown in the first picture. Lift each other basic and put cardboard under them.Take the material with which you will weave, this is called a weft. Lift every other basic and pass the weft underneath. When you do this again take every other basic but the contrary of the first. So the first time lift up the basics that are on the third painting marked in orange, the second time lifting brown, then lift orange and then brown again,and so on and so on ...
After several repetitions you should have this:
After a few lines you can put some more detail:When you are finished side facing toward you is the wrong side..
So you need to cut the base..
And your mini tapestry is finished :D

utorak, 4. listopada 2011.

Getting back in the summer with some summer photos.

on Friday or Saturday I'll write a tutorial on weaving :)


subota, 1. listopada 2011.

cardboard flowers drawing tutorial

Flowers are always easy to draw, but if you don't like your drawing or you're tired of the classic drawing here's another way to decorate your wall, bag, shirts, etc.

Take the cardboards of various thicknesses, cut them into a long rectangle and wrap it as shown in picture and tape it around when you're done:Take a little color and dip your roller into it..
..and press it onto the surface (paper, carton, bag, shirt, ..) and draw the blade.
And your masterpiece is done :D