subota, 3. rujna 2011.

diy clutch with lining tutorial

Today I will explain how to make clutch with lining.
You will need fabric, lining, zipper and self-adhesive pad (or flizelin that I used, but I don't know how to pronounce in English).
Cut the desired shape and size of all:
..and paste self adhesive felt or flizelin on the back of the fabric..

..then place the zipper as shown, put lining on and pin it all. Then sew:Do the same things from the other side..

..and then you have this:
Fold everything together as shown (zipper must be merged in the middle) and sew as shown. Don't forget to leave a hole!

When you are done turn the bag right side through the hole:
And then you have this:
But it's not over yet. Sew so-called decorative edge so your clutch look neat:
..and here it is :D


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