nedjelja, 18. rujna 2011.

diy lace scarf tutorial

I love lace, but not when there is too much. I have an idea for a scarf in my head for a while, so I decided to do it today. With a little lace :D
So here is tutorial :)
Cut three long strips from a fabric the same length but different widths:

Sew it together :
And then you'll have this :

Pull out one thread and wrinkle this:
Fold it and sew and wrinkle in the end..
Now you have this:
Turn it right side up and sew the ends..
And it's done :D

few people have complained that they could not comment on the posts. so just to inform you that the problem is solved :D


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MrsWardy88 kaže...

Oh righteous! Now I can tell you how much I love your projects. Great job!

Girly kaže...

Yay, napokon možemo komentare ostavljati :)))) Obožavam sve što radiš. Nadam se da ću jednog dana dignuti debelu guzicu i napraviti nešto napokon :D


dee kaže...

potpisujem Girly do neba. :D

Elise Engh kaže...

This scarf is very pretty! I like the idea of just having one strip of lace down the middle. I may have to make one of these!

Sanjushka kaže...

Super šal, moram si pothitno nabaviti mašinu.

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