utorak, 30. kolovoza 2011.

new sweater in a few minutes tutorial.

Do you have a boring old sweater in your closet that you never wear but you don't want to throw it? Here is solution to your problem in just a few minutes make new sweater :)

Take the fabric that you like and cut in the shape of an ellipse, pin it on the sleeves and sew. Make the same thing with the other sleeve..
..and your new sweater is done :D


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lostyarnloft kaže...

You've got some fun DIY ideas on here girl! Love these elbow patches, I'll have to give them a try!

Ivana & Anamarija kaže...

zakon!! baš i ja ovih dana preuređujem svoje neke stare veste :) dala si mi ideju, samo što ću ja pokušati napraviti veliko srce na sredini veste ;)

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