srijeda, 3. kolovoza 2011.

cute ring in half an hour

Today I made a large ring.I used thin cardboard for base, fabric with floral pattern and ordinary brown and cream fabric.

First i cut the strip of white fabric...
..and then I put it in half and merged with the sewing machine like this:

After that I pulled out one strand of sewing thread and wrinkled fabric like this:

Base for the ring I made from thin cardboard and brown fabric...

..from brown fabric I cut a circle slightly larger than the cardboard and wrinkled by a needle and thread..

..I put cardboard in fabric, tightened and tied the thread..
After the base is ready it's time for placing a white fabric which I made in the beginning:

..after I glued that I made another brown circle smaller than last and other from floral fabric:

...I glued it all together...
And there it is, my new cute ring is ready :D


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