utorak, 16. kolovoza 2011.

diy flowers the second part

Flower No.4
Cut the leather or felt in forms such as in picture:

Cut about 10 pieces of each size and glue them..

..cut the circle and paste petals in layers.

Glue something in the middle and it's ready :)

Flower No.5
Cut the fabric strip..

..fold it, glue it, roll it and it's done :D

Flower No.6
Take your desired fabric and cut it in the stripe..

Wrinkle it and sew with a needle and thread. Take a different fabric, cut a circle slightly larger than the cardboard and wrinkle it by a needle and thread, put cardboard in fabric, tight it and tie the thread..

..glue it to the rest along with other decorations and it's done :)


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Gear kaže...

fora :))))

Mila kaže...

Super ideje!

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