ponedjeljak, 15. kolovoza 2011.

diy flowers the first part

Flower No.1
Cut a large circle and from it cut another hollow circle. Wrinke it and sew with a needle and thread.
Pin together both sides and it should look like this:

Make the same thing two more times but with smaller circles..

..glue them together and your flower is done :)

Flower No.2
Cut three circles, little, bigger and biggest.

Make a hole in the middle, edges cut like the second picture and wrinkle center with a needle and thread.

Repeat it all three circles..

..glue them together and that's it :D

Flower No.3
Cut out circles of different sizes from different fabric.

Burn them at the edges and paste or sew as you want..

..paste decorations of your choice on top and you're done :)


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Bunch Of Girls kaže...

It`s great <3 I will try it!

Sanjushka kaže...

E, svakim novim postom koji pročitam sve me više iznenađuješ.

KeeKeeAllNatural kaže...

BEAUTIFUL BOWS! While reading this post, I was inspired to make brooches. These bows would look amazing with a pants suit. Amazing! ;-)

Kelly_Deal kaže...

What pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

Jann Cobb kaže...

I can't wait to try this!

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