utorak, 30. kolovoza 2011.

new sweater in a few minutes tutorial.

Do you have a boring old sweater in your closet that you never wear but you don't want to throw it? Here is solution to your problem in just a few minutes make new sweater :)

Take the fabric that you like and cut in the shape of an ellipse, pin it on the sleeves and sew. Make the same thing with the other sleeve..
..and your new sweater is done :D


ponedjeljak, 29. kolovoza 2011.

diy clutch tutorial

I decided I should try sewing clutch. So here is my first :)

I cut the desired shape and size and took the green zipper.

I secured zipper with pins and sewed it on the leather on both sides like this :After I finished that I turned it on the wrong side and sewed the left and right side.

I turned it back on the right side and my clutch is done :)
(My clutch is quite soft, if you want it to be firmer paste felt or any stronger material)



četvrtak, 25. kolovoza 2011.

diy headband tutorial

So, another headband :D
But of course, easy and fast as all other..
You will need fabric and elastic band. And a sewing machine of course.
From fabric cut two strips, wider and longer than the elastic band. Sew them together.

Pull out one thread and wrinkle it as shown and turn right side up .

Using a safety pin put the elastic band into the fabric.

Secure fabric for elastic band and connect the ends.
After the headband is finished decorate it how you want. I made ​​the lace flower :)


utorak, 23. kolovoza 2011.

diy cute earrings tutorial

I just looove these cute earrings. And if you like them too here's how you can make them :)

From a thinner cardboard cut out two circles for the base of earrings, one smaller and one larger. Take the fabric from which you want to make earrings and "wrap" the larger circle. I used trapper.

Then cut out circles as you want and "wrap" them too in fabric you want. I cut two more circles.
After you have them cut and wrapped glue it all together.

After the larger circle is over "wrap" smaller, decorate it how you want..

..and connect with the larger circle..
On the back glue metal parts.

Hope you like it :)


ponedjeljak, 22. kolovoza 2011.

diy wire rings tutorial

Ring No.1
Take your wire and bend it at the top as shown and continue the twist in the spiral.Arrange the rest in the size of a finger twice..

..and the ring is finished :)

Ring No.2
Bend the wire twice in the size of a finger, wrap the two sides together and continue to bend the wire.At the end insert beads and bend the end of wire.

Hope you like it. Enjoy :)


nedjelja, 21. kolovoza 2011.

diy vintage headband tutorial

So..from fabric cut four strips of this form:

..and connect the two with two..

..tie them like this:
..and connect them with elastic band..

..and your new vintage headband is done.enjoy! :)

and for the end my lazy helper :D


diy flower necklace tutorial

Hello everyone!
I apologize for
not writing the last few days
, I took a little vacation but here's a new tutorial :)

So I made a necklace.
First I did 5 flowers (you have tutorial for them in my last post) and glued them on leather (or any stronger fabric)..
..I put beads on a string..
..I shaped a circle from wire and tied it to thread and merged with beads..

..knitted short braids and made ​​a knot and the rest left not knitted..

And my necklace is finished! Will you make your own? :)